About Us

Pick N Play is the 1st online toys library in Egypt that allows kids to borrow latest toys at a fraction of their market price for a certain period of time. We aim to provide toys for kids of age 0 to 10 years.

As parents, we struggle when it comes to toys assortment for our kids, starting with the number of hours we spend asking ourselves; is this toy really appropriate for my kid? is it appealing for my kid?! To the never-ending tantrums we try to handle when they ask for a new toy at the wrong time, or when they ask for quite an expensive one! The struggle between wanting to make them happy and buy all what they ask for, while being worried about spending too much and spoiling your kids.

Toys are expensive and are getting pricier with time, while kids get bored quickly. This results in a lot of unused toys stuck in your storage!

Further research on different categories on kids’ toys shows that the average lifespan of a toy before being unloved is very short (weeks, if not just days and hours). Children have a nature of getting bored with a toy easily and then they demand new ones. Neglected unused toys are cluttering homes to eventually become landfill waste and stretching family budgets unnecessarily.

At Pick N Play, we aim to expose your loved ones with a wide variety of toys, speed up their growth and develop key values while creating more savings & inner peace for you. It is all about bringing joy to the kids and their parents! This way, we enable parents to get much more value for their money, de-clutter their homes, and lessen the impact on the environment. We also help teach our kids to choose what they like more consistently and understand the value of time and money