Terms & Conditions

Please read below our Terms and Conditions

  • The toys borrowed are under your responsibility; please do not lend them to anyone else.
  • If this is one of your first 3 trials with Pick N Play, a security deposit will be paid with an amount of 1,500LE. each time. The security deposit will be returned while receiving back the toy. After 3 trials with Pick N Play no security deposit is paid. In case of events, the security deposit amount is equivalent to the rental invoice amount that will be returned while receiving back the toys.
  • We deliver the toys either fully assembled or semi-assembled depending on the type of toy. For semi-assembled toys, we send you video/instructions on how to assemble the toys.
  • We don’t usually supply batteries with the toys, however, if you want we could provide the batteries but will charge you for it.
  • Once you receive the toy, you are kindly requested to inspect it carefully for any damages or missing parts (check it against toys accessories label sent). In case there are any damages or missing parts please report it immediately. Any missing parts/damages reported after you receive the toy will be considered an incident at your end and the below terms & conditions will be applied.
  • We understand that accidents happen and so are damages penalty fees are flexible depending on the type of damage:
    • No penalty fees in case of minor damages or missing parts that will not affect the functionality of the toy
    • In case the damage/ missing part affects the functionality of the toy yet it could be easily repaired, you will only pay for the repair.
    • In case of bigger damages where the toy can’t be repaired, is no longer safe, can no longer be played with as intended etc. the penalty fees will be calculated and shared with you but be assured it will be less than its market price.
  • When returning the toy, kindly ensure that all accessories and toy parts are returned as well.
  • We allow order cancelations up to 24 hours prior to delivery/pick up.
  • In case your child would like to extend the borrowing period, you could notify us 48 hours prior to the termination date.
  • We appreciate returning back the toy using the plastic zip we will provide + the original plastic wrap the toy came with.